Director's Message
Dear Aspiring Students

Welcome to Aastha Group of Institutions
In a young man’s life choosing a career and that too rightly, is highly significant. You have decided to be engineers”. It’s a highly commendable choice.

Technological development alone will take India to the forefront of developed countries and the speed to this technological revolution will be lent by none, but you the future Diploma engineers. So congrats for deciding to be active participants in the process of building a prosperous and technologically advanced India.

Our primary purpose is to assist students and service their needs so that they become an active, contributing member of the Nation. The main aim of education at all levels is to help students become “Well rounded”. True education is the education that encompasses intellectual, moral, emotional, social and physical dimensions. We, here at Aastha Institutions, promote this approach.

We encourage students to work towards developing social, artistic, cultural, athletic, moral, social and humanistic elements of their lives. We train our students on the convergence of fields such as Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, B.Ed and JBT/D.Ed, which provides a rich array of opportunities for personal careers in Government, Public Sectors, IT and core Industry and Education.

In the journey of life, the path you take is as important as the destination itself. May I, therefore, suggest that before you take the next step in realizing your career aspirations and professional goals, take a pause and give a serious thought to the choice of Institution that you wish to join and spend the most valuable time of your life at. This may turn out to be the most important decision of your life and hold you in good stead in the ever changing and highly competitive environment of today.

We continuously strive to update our curricula facilities and thus enhance the learning environment at our Institute.

My best wishes and greetings to all the candidates who are aspiring to join Aastha group of Institutions. Students are welcome to visit the Director’s office to discuss ideas or general concerns about their experiences in the Aastha group of Institution.

Aastha group of Institutions
Yamunanagar (Haryana)
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